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Los Catalina Scuba Diving $120

For all the amazing activities you can do in Flamingo beach Costa Rica, scuba diving beats the rest. The best way to enjoy the beautiful Western Pacific Ocean and see the thrills nature provides, is via scuba diving. Fun and excitement meet when you scuba dive the spectacular Catalina islands, where the water is rich with incredible aquatic life and breathtaking underwater views.

The underwater life on display won't disappoint. With schools of tropical fish leaving you impressed with their togetherness, the elusive sea horse leaving you charmed, the Manta rays gliding over your head, and even the timid White Tip Reef Sharks relaxing in the sand. There is so much for you to see, and so much more to make your experience worthwhile. There is an adventure at every turn with different species of Puffers, Eels, and Rays to see, and not forgetting the volcanic rock formations to marvel at. If you visit Flamingo beach Costa Rica, scuba diving has to be at the top of your to-do list.

The trip starts at 7.15am at our Potrero beach tour office for the necessary paperwork, and selection of the right size of fins and wet suits. Enjoy the commute from the office to the Catalina Islands with some amazing scenery to greet you along the way. The first dive takes around 40-45 minutes, and each minute is worthwhile. After this, a lite refreshment with snacks will be waiting for you on the boat. After soaking in the entire marvel from the first dive, there are another 40-45 minutes waiting for you again. At the end of the fun and excitement we are back to the Flamingo beach around noon.

Scuba diving in the Catalina Islands is a different level of fun and excitement that makes you appreciate the natural beauty the world has to offer.

Discover Scuba Diving $165

Looking to give scuba diving a try, then Discover Scuba diving is perfect for you. There is no denying that scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean has the entire recipe for enjoyment and satisfaction. However, before you can go into the underwater world you first need to get the much-needed training and practice. Our expert Dive Masters will help you every step of the way.

With this short introduction you will be ready for a mesmerizing aquatic adventure. Your scuba diving instructor is a fully qualified and licensed PADI Instructor and is capable of training 1-4 people at a time. The scuba dive age requirement is a minimum of 10 years.

The entire Discover Scuba Diving experience is easy and straightforward. It starts with a light paperwork, followed by a short instructional video. You then head to the swimming pool with your instructor to familiarize yourself with equipment, and work on your scuba diving skills. At the end of the scuba diving training we make our way to the Pacific Ocean on the dive boat. The trip itself is filled with excitement along the way. The tour is split into two dives, to give you a double dose of fun. Each dive is 30 minutes long, with no dull moment in any of the dives. Each dive goes as deep as 12m/40ft. The Discover Scuba Diving package is an experience and not a qualification.

Flamingo Beach Open water course $550

There is no greater sense of fulfillment than having a globally recognized certification, and this is precisely what the PADI Open Water course delivers. Giving you global recognition as a qualified, licensed, and certified Scuba diver. The course qualifies you as a PADI Open Water Diver, and what better place to get your certification than in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. This course guarantees the qualification is for life.

This scuba diving course in Flamingo beach Costa Rica is made easy for you. The entire curriculum is straightforward and very convenient. It involves both theoretical and practical training, and takes between 4-5 days to complete. Once you register you get access to the plethora of course materials including; instructional manual, logbook, and electronic dive table. The students are shown the rudiments of scuba diving via 5 instructional videos. Each scuba diving instructional video will take between 30-50 minutes. The next stage of the training will involve going through 5 chapters from the scuba diving book, 5 Knowledge Reviews, and 5 multiple choice exams. You also have the option to study the theory at home online before heading to Costa Rica, saving you time to enjoy more diving and all the other amazing attractions Costa Rica has to offer. After the completion of the theoretical training, the students will have to complete 5 pool sessions. The training completes with 4 ocean dives leaving from the Flamingo Marina.


The 5 pool sessions do not necessarily mean 5 separate trips to the pool, as sessions can be combined.

The 4 ocean dives are spread over 2 days, with 2 dives per day.

Remember qualification is for life and recognized in all dive destinations around the World. Don't miss out on this authentic Costa Rican scuba diving experience!