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Los Catalinas Scuba Diving $120
Come and dive the Catalinas. Experience the awesome marine life these volcanic rock formations offer. Swim through massive schools, be amazed by the Mantas gliding over head, or the timid White Tip Reef Sharks below. Go search for the tiny Harlequin Shrimp or the elusive Sea Horse. With different species of Puffers, Eels, and Rays always around, this really is an Aquatic Wonderland.
This is a 2 tank dive. We meet at 7.25am at the dive shop (depends on which company I have booked the places on) to complete paperwork (shop specific) and size for fins and wetsuit (BCD, tanks and weight will already be on the boat). We then make our way to the boat. It is around 30-40 minutes to the dives sites. We drop down and dive on a site for around 40-45 minutes, then return to the boat for a surface interval with refreshment and some snacks. After the surface interval we will drop down on a different sight for the second of the two dives. Again dive time is around 40-45 minutes. We generally return back to the shop around 12ish.
Discover Scuba Diving $170
Discover Scuba Diving! Perfect experience for those who want to give SCUBA a try. Practice in the pool then go to the ocean for two amazing aquatic adventures. See the amazing diversity of sea life here in the Pacific Ocean, on this one day experience. Taught by a fully qualified and licensed PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer. 1-4 people, min age 10.
This is the experience for people who have never tried diving or they have tried a similar
experience before (basically non-certified divers, those without a full qualification and
certification card). It involves paperwork, watching a short video, then heading to the pool to get used to the equipment and skills practice. Following the successful completion of this part we head to the ocean on a dive boat for two dives. Each dive is around 25 minutes long, where will go to a maximum of 12m/40ft.
Participants must be a minimum of 10 years old. Group size 1-4 people.
This is NOT a qualification, merely an experience.
Become a SCUBA diver! Get fully qualified as a PADI Open Water Diver, in the amazing and awe inspiring Pacific Ocean. Made up of knowledge development, pool practice and open water experiences, this course is a qualification for life and enables you to dive anywhere in the world to a maximum of 18m/60ft. Minimum age 10.
This is the full PADI certification. This course takes 4-5 days. Students will be given all course materials (Manual, eRDPml (basically an electronic dive table), Logbook). They will watch 5 videos, each video ranges between 35-55 minutes. Complete the 5 chapters in the book, which involves 5 Knowledge Reviews, and 5 Exams (all exams are multiple choice). Complete 5 pool sessions (although normally this does not mean 5 separate trips to the pool as sessions can be combined). Finally complete 4 ocean dives, 2 per day over a 2 day period.
Qualification is for life and recognized in all dive destinations around the World.